Day seven- Coffee dates

Today was the first time in weeks since I’ve left the house kid free and it was well over due.

I don’t take time out very often for myself and even if I did end up walking the toys isles while drinking coffee and chatting with a friend it was a much needed break. 

I got plenty of extra gift ideas and I genuinely just had fun, conversations without having to count five heads every few meters in relaxing ha ha.

I’ll have to do it again soon, seven days in of finding something new that makes me happy and quite frankly I need to do more of these things that are make me happy.. 


The Therapeutic release of my mind: The first steps backwards to move forward.


So finally with recent events everything has become too heavy and I found myself writing out the beginning of my story and feelings in my journal and I felt a mild release. ( pages later, many tears and a lot of Linkin Park later) and I had finished writing about the first 10 hours of my initial journey, scrap that I started from my beginning, leading up to that. Continue reading “The Therapeutic release of my mind: The first steps backwards to move forward.”

Day Five- Gift wrapping

Screenshot-2017-10-20 Happy Mum on Instagram “•Day Four• present wrapping makes me super happy 🤗I'm in a wrapping mood so [...].png•Day Four• Present wrapping makes me super happy 🤗I’m in a wrapping mood so maybe it’s time to wrap those Christmas presents I’ve been hoarding since June 😂🙈🤗

Finally I was able to start wrapping my sons birthday presents today, unfortunately I ran out of wrapping paper for his gifts so my newly clean and organised garage has become Christmas wrap central this afternoon.

I’m so excited, I get so much joy out of my kids or hubby opening their gifts. It becomes my mission to hunt down the best gifts to match each individual and when I think I’ve found that perfect gift…. Oh man the excitement cannot measured.

Finding presents perfect for others brings me joy, and when it comes to kids(not just my own) It feels amazing. I hit amazing Aunty status once or twice over the years for my awesome present skills. When you really connect with a child and you find that gift that you know they are going to love or cherish until it can’t be cherished anymore, you build up to their unwrapping.

Each fold you make, each strip of tape and every oddly cut piece of paper that eventually gets ripped to shreds and tossed aside almost instantly adds to that build up of excitement. There is no greater sensation of happiness… and it all starts with what lies under the gift wrapping.


Day Four- knowing I’m alive

Today an interesting news article popped up and it felt too close too home. I was fine reading the article, I was fine sharing the article with my little rant/love attached but then I went to talk to my husband about it how awesome it was to see someone’s life saved and well, shit. Before I knew it I had tears running down my face.
So I guess today’s happiness comes from knowing I survived and I’m alive.

Continue reading “Day Four- knowing I’m alive”

Day One of 365days of happiness

Screenshot-2017-10-17 Happy Mum ( this_happy_mum) • Instagram photos and videos.png I spent the last 24hrs in a different type of decluttering process. I decided that after I decluttered my house (Please bare in mind it wasn’t a light declutter, many tears were shed over parting with clothes and trinkets that had little to no value or purpose), After feeling at peace with an organised house that I loved, I decided I needed to think more about what could be decluttered. Continue reading “Day One of 365days of happiness”

tightening those purse strings

We officially decided to tighten the purse strings after reading barefoot investor again (this time with each other), and focus on setting ourselves up. Though we have already changed banks this year, I have no intention of switching again. Instead I transferred our long term saving accounts to ING and put the log in details in the family binder so we can check in on our investments as they grow, but not stalk them to watch every minor increase (guilty). Continue reading “tightening those purse strings”