Counting down!

And we’re down to 4.

Four more debts left to pay off, It was thrilling making all those extra payments this week but next week starts the harder part of the financial peace journey. Two of our debts we went to pay no longer existed so we’ve set those funds aside to see when or if we hear about them. So technically we’re down to the final two. Totalling $20,000, however that balance is down to $18,500.

Our last financial hurdle before we invest in property, trust me the waiting and trying to do this without doing it right NOW is hard but, we practice delayed gratification alot. So I imagine they day we’re paying for our land we’re going to be on cloud 9 because it’s been a very, very rocky journey.

We were debt free until 16 months ago and we then health issues began happening and we racked up our new debt really quickly but we’ve taken this all one week at a time.

We started this year with $27,029.48 worth of debt and we are close to having our first $10,000 paid off! Getting ready to celebrate that mini milestone!



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