Reading Barefoot

I’ve been reading the barefoot investor again… I tend to buy the financial books because I’ve always been one to go back and re-read to get myself motivated again ect. So I thought I would share a little bit of our journey.
The thing that I really love about this book is it actually had me acknowledging how far we had come in 6years or how different our life was. I was starting to stress about our current situation but with the help of this book I was able refocus.

I sat down last night and planned the next 6 months, making sure we gave our self spending money for those little pleasures we would ordinarily go years without in order to pay off this mess.

Six years go our family was struggling financially, emotionally and to top it off I was having a complicated pregnancy with our third. I remember crying because I had to be put on bed rest at 20weeks, which meant stopping work while I was the main income earner. Months passed and it got harder, there was a sudden death in the family (very dear to us) then we were evicted from our rental.. we paid double rent for nov and dec that year.

We couldn’t provide Christmas for our two boys and it became weekly to visit the salvos for vochurs so we could feed our kids and get vochurs for bills so they wouldn’t cut off our power. I was sent out of town to have our son( alone, we couldn’t afford a car at the time) and I came home to Christmas provided by the salvation army and Banardos.
I felt like a failure six years ago, and I felt so ashamed. Our debt ended up growing past $47,000. Debt collectors were always calling.
But the stress of six years ago isn’t still hanging over my head, but it has changed me.
Every year I save $200 per person for Christmas ($1,400), I always aim for the lowest total I can before finally committing to purchase and the left over Christmas budget is donated. I buy toys sometimes doubles at a good price so they can go in our salvation army toy donation. Our kids like picking out a gift each for the Kmart tree and this is our way of giving back.
We are in a much different financial position to where we were six years ago, back in debt unexpectedly after a health crisis 15 months ago but more content with life and taking the journey one step at a time.
This morning I woke up and sorted out spending money, I put money into long term savings and I started following our new plan of action. I paid off 3 debts this morning, confidently.
Life will always take an unexpected turn but its ok.
And that’s apart of reason I like this book. It’s very relatable, So now that I’ve written out my mini novel… I’m off to Aldi to smash that grocery budget 💪

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