I’m under a pile of books

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, A lot of my Christmas gifts were books off my wish list. I love books but I never make enough time for reading, so I changed that. I used to be that person who’s so captivated by the book they’re reading that, it takes a lot to get my attention… skip forward 8years and add five kids and the level of commitment to reading has almost disappeared.I created a new habit, imagesfgfdsomething I can do while all my kids watch Matilda for the 100th time this week. Admittedly it takes a little longer than I would like to read a book now but it’s so worth it when I finally hit the end.

Right now, I’m reading Rachel Cruze’s book called love your life, not theirs. I think I really needed this book it’s helping me to change the way I think. How I think about others and myself and I really need to take more moments to be grateful. Grateful for what I own or what I do and just take a moment to be grateful for all the choices I made and thankful that I was able to make them.

Stop comparing and just enjoy what you have.

I aim for one chapter day, I’m learning to set aside myself the time to read. So far reading has helped me cut down my social media time by 50% sometimes more. Some of my saved time has progressed to creating a book wish list, but small steps.


Wonder how my book list will stand up to my budget, there may have to be a few extra trips to the library.



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