I found financial peace this morning

Sometimes my Instagram posts are a blog post so…

We woke up/I went to sleep knowing something was off when we had a bank balance of 72c, but I knew nothing could be done until the pending transactions processed. So I went to sleep peacefully.

This morning a stranger knocked on our door and handed us out bank cards.. Everything but out debit cards.
Our bank cards and hubby’s old  AC/DC wallet stolen (the wallet itself was sentimental). Everything else important scattered up the street but accounted for. They found them on their morning walk, for that Im incredibly thankful.
I have had a miserable week, things have happened and I shut myself off from everyone so I could recharge my batteries.. recent events have me on a mental breakdown spiral just so you…✌🏻️

So I needed a recharge and Im glad I recharged because This morning would of had me giving up on everything and hating the world. There’s too much good to shift my focus to even care that money was taken. Money can only bring so much safety and happiness.

We have everything we need… It was the first week of Decembers every dollar budget.. we were on track following our budget yes those funds were left with a purpose but it wasn’t a priority. This is my new definition of financial peace because even though this really crapy thing happened at a horrible time of year, we will be fine. The bank confirmed our money will be returned in a few weeks and theres plenty of cctv where they made these purchases so they will be can be caught.

I am at peace financially and that feels strangely enlightening.. considering recent events x #keepingitreal #powerofpositivity #daveramsey #positivevibes #universehasmyback


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