Forbidden subject topic: Music

My husband and I have been having some really strange conversations lately, mostly about funerals. It feels like topic that shouldn’t be talked about out loud. Reality is we need to be talking about this, my long term goals are that we have enough to cover every members funeral costs in our bank. A debt free and prepared, that’s what I want for my family.

I guess the idea of funeral planning with my husband feels more morbid so these little conversations on the forbidden subject make it much easier to cope.more but tonight’s topic was music.

What music we would wanted played at our funeral or wake,party.. celebration. I threw it out there I would like Bob marely, Queen and most of the love songs from mid 90’s to 2000’s.

And because my husbands a troll, When he’s having his own thing with family and friends I want him to go ahead and play a highway to hell. Anyone who knows us know that I am married to an AC/DC nut, and nearly everyday of this relationship (this is not an exaggeration) we’ve heard or listened to AC/DC. I feel like if anyone is ever entitled to not like AC/DC it would be me, because I am now forced to listen to it over everything because he’s tainted the children and they love it too…….

This way I’m imagining my family laughing rather than mourning. His funeral though that would probably be playing as his lowered into the ground because he would want his family laughing their ass off as they do it. I guess you have to be in this weird little bubble to get it, haha.

Sometimes it’s good to think out loud or I guess it a public blog. As long as I don’t die in the meantime I’m sure I’ll blog about this kind of stuff more. Maybe its an age thing, near death thing or 10 years into the relationship comfort thing but these are becoming regular conversations.

I hope the song list are varied but I hope someones inspired. I want a happy mood, I want the love songs played for only one day because that’s my music guilt pleasure that gets back benched for AC/DC so my funeral is my day. So while this soppy stuff is playing you can all now imagine me singing out loud and proud because I’m a hundred percent certain I know all the words.

Backstreet boys,Britney spears.. hell yeah! You name it, I would be there singing my heart out. Queen is a must, I have always loved Queen. No one has really asked me what started my love for Queen and my obsession with Freddy Mercury, but it was my mum.

Some of my happiest memories as a child of my mother are of her smiling,singing along to while driving or dancing to Queen. So even through my emo phase in high school I loved Queen, and I will always love Queen. If you we’re to ask me alive or dead who would I want to meet?

My answer would be Freddy Mercury. I think he’s a musical genius. I’m inspired by his love, cheer, bravery, passion, I don’t give a fuck attitude and talent. The more I read, the more I watch and the more I listen to/about Freddy Mercury, the higher up my imaginary list he goes. So Queen is a must! Play all my favorites and dance.

Bob Marley, I think was a very wise man and I find inspiration in him all the time. I hope this odd selection on a random playlist stops anyone and everyone from balling their eyes out remembering me or something of that nature. I’m one of those people thats hates to bother people with my stuff and I don’t like to make a fuss so let me guilt trip you all now and say if someone catches you crying at my funeral you their going to come up to you and do whatever is necessary to make you laugh. That’s what my husband does for me and it gets me through my darkest times…

I could be balling my eyes out over something (could be completely serious too) and he will do something or say something stupid to make me laugh. Thats mans abilty to make my smile on my darkest days is why I am still here today. So I want that happiness spread, and I want you to mutter the words ‘oh f@#k’ when you realise someone caught you out. You will thank me later.

That’s me, that’s what I want played. Hmmm didn’t think I had it thought that much but it feel alot of comfort with that.


I know this titled weird but this is also labelled weird as an easy go to file for my family, and they will understand my writing more.


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