Family advent calendar.

Two years ago I sat down and made a advent calendar for Christmas, little felt socks. Only I didn’t think it out very well and five of anything doesn’t fit in one haha, So I changed the way we use our advent calendar.I wanted to do a book advent calendar for the kids this year and I was all set for heading to a scholastic warehouse sale this weekend unfortunately I was still in hospital. So rather expanding that budget to still make the book advent calendar work I decided to change my mind completely.

I’ve been ranting to hubby about how our kids now feel entitled because while we were debt free we gave them EVERYTHING. Oh boy then there’s the attitudes and manipulation.What??!!

It’s beyond frustrating but I’m not necessarily going to get angry and annoyed right now, instead I’m going to redirect this behavior by turning our families advent calendar into 24 activities to do as a family. I think we all need to take a step back and learn to appreciate simple family fun again, I know I do. I love it, but my kids are slipping into the gaming and you tube comas. So Sorry kids and hubby, mumma’s gifting experiences this year.

So I’m busy writing out and stuffing 24 little stockings with family activities, Its not all big and fabulous, it’s not 24 days spending money but this is what we have planned!

  1. Write out and post our Christmas cards
  2. Christmas movie:
  3. Board game by Christmas carols
  4. Shop for gifts to go under the Kmart Christmas tree
  5. Read Christmas books together
  6. Christmas crafts by Christmas lights
  7. Family bowling night
  8. Christmas movie: Home Alone
  9. Sit down to Candy cane hot chocolates and cookies
  10. Build a ginger bread house or attempt to
  11. Make homemade gifts for friends and family
  12. Take Christmas photos in three new places
  13. Bake some Christmas threats
  14. Talk a walk as a family to see Christmas lights
  15. Gift shopping as a family for everyone on our list
  16. Gather around and watch family video clips
  17. Dinner by Christmas lights
  18. Go for a drive and see 40 houses covered in lights
  19. Make a hamper for someone we love
  20. So skating as a family – even rollerblading!
  21. Write letters to santa
  22. Drive further, find more lights and take a family photo
  23. Christmas dinner with family
  24. Bake cookies for Santa


I’m excited for these moments together, the family video clips is by far the family night I’m counting down to the most.



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