The Christmas plan for 2016

Monday night, It’s the day before pay day.

Obviously our new budget has already failed. We had an emergency within the first month of STICKING TO OUR NEW BUDGET. Talk about a wake up call, So I’m budgeting while listening to Dave Ramsey millionaire theme hour as motivation. I now have alot more time on my hands so I’m taking my time to do what I can to make everything run smoothly. So I jumped on every dollar and changed our budget, I increased our shopping budget -needed to be done, made sure the monthly bills are still paid and that there’s money going back into our emergency fund.

Hahaha made sure all the Christmas funds we’re sorted too. El cheapo has arrived!

Christmas this year WAS going to be extravagant and I was just going to spoil my family because well, mummy almost died back at Easter so she has a guilt complex and just wants to spend all the money! Trouble is…  its not only a poor decision financially.

So Hubby and I have made the mutal decision to gift each of our kids and I guess ourselves only 3 ‘toys’ each or whatever interests the kids. Santa on the on the hand is covering our want, do,wear, need, read and a movie for each kid. Thats it. Mum cut back and dad agreed.

We spent months converting to a type of minimalism, lets not ruin that. Best part is I’ve taken my time and made conscious decisions about everything I purchased and made sure I did pay full price. Best peace of mind I can offer this christmas is don’t buy just because you think someone wants it, or you want them to have it. Take your time, sleep on it.

I can’t wait for Christmas, The last 3 years we’ve worked towards a simpler Christmas so I’m actually pretty confident with this years plan.. plus with 5 kids we have the illusion of lots of gifts naturally hahaha



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