First blog post

I’m tired of carrying around my journal and losing it, so here is where I will write. I was formally known as the simplemummy however my life has taken a change. Continue reading “First blog post”


Empty my cup

I’ve been learning this process of emptying my cup.

It started months ago when I started watching a Tv series about Bruce Lee. Something I could assure you at the time, was something I was not into. The fact that I had to read subtitles was even more of a reason for me not to watch it. But just like that I was captivated, five episodes later and what I could only assume was a small novel but I was hooked on learning more. Continue reading “Empty my cup”

Day Eight- Baking

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Happy Mum ( this_happy_mum) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Forgive me I’m catching up on my writing, unfortunately mid way through Day eight of my days of happiness, I ended up completely bedridden with a migraine. That was Monday and it’s now Thursday, I still feel weak but I haven’t let it stop me.

I forgot how happy baking makes me. Far too often do I keep putting it off but it actually brings me so much joy. I started with a chocolate mud cake. Continue reading “Day Eight- Baking”